Historic Mount Eliza images courtesy of local author Diane Dick


"Whilst I was doing research for [Ranelagh: A Special Place] I came across some other interesting pieces about Mount Eliza. 

[This] first image [above] is of the architect's drawing for the grounds of Toorak College circa 1928.

The second one [left] is of Edna Walling’s drawings for the landscape plan.

The [third image, below] is of the proposed rail route circa 1920 – 1929 through Mount Eliza. Thank goodness it never happened [!]

Warm regards Diane Dick"

Image courtesy of local historian and author of 'Ranelagh: A Special Place', Diane Dick.

Where to purchase Ranelagh: A Special Place

You can purchase one of the last few copies of Ranelagh: A Special Place at Ranelagh Publishing House

A special thank you to Diane Dick for her ongoing contribution to keeping the history of Mount Eliza alive for generations to come.