Vicki Sayers wins REIV Residential Salesperson of 2017!

2017 WINNERS LOGO_Residential sales person of the year.jpg

IF YOU'VE HAD THE PLEASURE OF KNOWING, meeting with, or doing business with Live Love Mount Eliza's Vicki Sayers it won't be a surprise to you to learn that she has just taken out the most prestigious State award in real estate for residential sales for 2017.

As someone who has the pleasure of working with Vicki, I know she is the real deal. There are no smoke and mirrors, no preening and fluffing feathers. In fact, she didn't ask me to write this piece - I've done it because while she is an achiever, she is also humble about it.

Vicki is a people person, and she loves houses, design, good conversations and a hearty laugh. For the Mount Eliza community, she knows the area intimately with generations of family living and working here, and is intensely passionate about what it means to live, love and be a part of the Mount Eliza community.

The REIV Awards for Excellence are an industry highlight and highly respected across Victoria. To be listed as one of three finalists for the category of Residential Salesperson of the Year, Vicki has had to demonstrate:

  • significant listings and sales achievement
  • excellence in addressing business challenges and risk management
  • innovation - this online community platform and your support of it, plays a big part in this
  • commitment to quality service
  • service and support to her agency - RT Edgar Mornington Peninsula - and staff
  • achievement of personal milestones and career goals
  • leadership and contribution to the real estate industry.

And now she is officially the winner!

Here's what she said when we asked her what it means to her to be recognised at such a honourable level of industry.

It means a lot to me. To be recognised as an individual doing what I love doing, by the State industry body is something I feel incredibly proud of. I want to make a difference, and being recognised in such a significant way confirms for me that I do make a difference. All the hard work and commitment hasn’t gone by unnoticed. I know what I do is different than most of my peers and service to my vendors and engagement with buyers is at the very core of my business.
— Vicki Sayers, REIV Residential Salesperson of 2017

While facing into any career change can be daunting, once Vicki made the decision to follow both head and heart, and work with the team at RT Edgar Mornington Peninsula, she has given it her all. Winning this award has confirmed for her, that this was the right decision. She loves working with the team - and long term colleague and supporter Katie Taplin - at RT Edgar. It has also given her reach into other areas of Melbourne, that desire to live in Mount Eliza and on the Mornington Peninsula. That reach, is good for everyone involved.

Community and people is at the heart of everything Vicki has ever turned her career to, and will continue to be a key 'why' behind what she does.

Live Love Mount Eliza has played a big part in engaging with this great community. I’ve felt incredibly supported by Mount Eliza, and in return I hope that I have been able to give something back. And outside of our local area, the desire for so many people to want to live in Mount Eliza excites me and adds another layer to servicing the people who love, live and work here. Thank you to everyone that has supported me, encouraged me, worked with me, to continue doing what excites me.

Well done Vicki! You've earned this.