Grow veggies in your backyard by Mimicking Nature

Minnie Trigger

Local gardener Minnie Trigger runs a business called Mimicking Nature. She was never a confident gardener, there always seemed like so much to learn. Finally, Minnie completed a Sustainable Gardening course & found out how easy it is to grow your own veges if you keep it simple and learn from nature. Now she has lots of vege beds in her garden all year round.

It’s so satisfying to be able to go out and harvest veggies for your family's next meal & so great for the kids to snack on.

Minnie would love to share what she learned & help you grow your own organic veges too!

Veggie Garden

You will be rewarded with chemical free food that's picked straight from garden to table ensuring you get the most life force & nutrients from your food for better health, happiness & vitality,
We are getting back to basics & creating the best foundation to support your food, your environment & your world, using sustainable practices and permaculture principles that simply, mimic nature.

Minnie is offering a free 1 hr Consultation and several support services to help get you started.

 Minnie will plan and set up a free standing vege beds (or can fill an existing or built bed). She also will create whatever size bed you require for your needs, starting from a 1m x 1m fully installed bed ready for planting to any size or shape you require.

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Phone - 0414 598 958,

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Facebook - @mimickingnature

Intragram - @mimicking_nature_vege_beds