Wellbeing and overall health at Dental Care Mt Eliza

Dental Care Mt Eliza has a lot to be proud of.  They are situated in a prime location, have state of the art equipment, friendly staff and a very satisfied clientele. Dr. Robertson and his team take pride in seeing results and witnessing the real change they see in patients who have undergone treatment.

What separates Dental Care Mt Eliza from others is their ‘health dentistry’ approach. They value understanding the connection between the issues they see in your mouth every day and your overall wellbeing. They take a holistic view, enabling you to not just change your smile but to change your life, and offer treatment options for all of your concerns. Their treatment coordinator Robyn will be with you every step of the way because communication is key. She realizes that in the medical profession it is sometimes easy to leave the patient under informed and specifically strives to do the opposite.

It’s your mouth, your health and your life. The Dental Care Mt Eliza team is there to make sure you get the most out of treatment and are happy with the results.

You can find them at 126 Mt Eliza Way, Mt Eliza, phone 9787 4439 or on the web at www.dentalcaremteliza.com.au