Accommodation options for Mount Eliza holiday makers

Historically, Mount Eliza has been a popular beach holiday destination for Melbourne’s social set from the late 1920s onwards. Local families would encourage and accommodate visitors. For visitors that want to explore Mount Eliza and base themselves here for a holiday, what accommodation options are available today?

c.1930 The Kenny children - Leo, Rosemary, Elizabeth and Peter on the beach below Trawalla at Mount Eliza. Image source: - a gift of Ms Felicity Druce through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program, in memory of Una Sybella Teague, Kenric Teague 2009.

What does a Mount Eliza Holiday offer?

Fantastic local events coming up such as 2017 Mt Eliza Music Festival, the MY Mount Eliza Run & Fun Festival and the monthly Sunday Mt Eliza Farmers Market, make for a great reason to invite friends from further away for a short stay, or an extended one!

With beautiful bay beaches, yacht clubs providing a range of social activities and settings, rambling bush reserves and the spoils of the Mornington Peninsula all within reach, Mount Eliza has loads to offer as a holiday destination. Then of course, there is Mount Eliza village, an enticing collection of shopping strips offering unique retail, hospitality or beauty and wellness choices, along with essential services.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you want to accommodate visitors in your home, even if you are living on a three quarter acre Mount Eliza plot with loads of space!

Fortunately for some local Mount Eliza folk, opening their homes to accommodate visitors is what they love to do!

Property agent Vicki Sayers grew up in Mount Eliza and lived in seven different local properties in that time. She has an intimate knowledge of the unique precincts of the local area, and what each offers in terms of lifestyle. She adores the bush and beach landscapes that she grew up in and that now nourish her passion for real estate in and around Mount Eliza.

Even when she moved to Melbourne to study, she was drawn back to the sense of holiday that Mount Eliza brought to her.

There are a number of areas within Mount Eliza that boast generous sized quarter acre, two thirds of an acre and one acre blocks, offering opportunities to add on income earning accommodation.
— Vicki Sayers

Vicki was inspired to explore this story when Julie Farish, owner of The Cottage – an Airbnb accommodation option – contacted her to suggest The Cottage as an accommodation option for vendors or buyers that need short term accommodation in between waiting for settlement.

At the same time, a story that Vicki shared on Facebook about the Mt Eliza Music Festival attracted a comment asking about accommodation options in Mount Eliza.

So here it is.

How to find accommodation in Mount Eliza

A search online revealed a whole range of local accommodation options within Mount Eliza. We filtered through, and have picked off the top 10 based on quantity of ratings, and quality of online reviews and comments from guests.

We’ve sorted in alphabetical order, so as not to promote one over another. Don’t rule out other options. Accommodation providers have to start somewhere, and if brand new, may not have had enough guests stay to rate on the accommodation website.

All reviews indicated these options were beautifully appointed accommodation options – most of which are self-contained, detached villas or bungalows -  so in the summaries below we’ve just highlighted special features above and beyond this.

The images we’ve provided below are straight from the website source, and all information is current as of December 2016.

Naturally, there is a wealth of other accommodation options in Frankston and across the Mornington Peninsula. But we believe a holiday in Mount Eliza offers a unique stay. For the purpose of this article, we’ve kept it hyper local!

Bayside Retreat Mount Eliza Apartment

Bayside Retreat Mount Eliza. Hosts: Jutta and Charles.

Address: 103 Baden Powell Drive, Mount Eliza

Accommodates: up to 4 adult guests in total. There are 2 separate apartments accommodating 2 adults per apartment.

Special features: Outside swimming pool and tennis court.

To find out more: Visit > hotel > Bayside Retreat Mount Eliza Apartment or on

Bluestone 48

Bluestone 48 Mount Eliza. Hosts: Robyn and Bill. 

Address: In Mount Eliza. Address available on enquiry.

Accommodates: up to 2 guests

Special features: newly renovated bluestone detached cottaged with private entrance by the pool; super fast fibre internet.

To find out more: visit > Bluestone 48

Havenwood 8 Eliza Terrace

Havenwood Mount Eliza. Host: Julie.

Address: 8 Eliza Terrace, Mount Eliza

Accommodates: up to 4 guests

Special features: self-contained apartment within a 10 minute walk to beach and 5 minute walk to the village.

To find out more: visit > Havenwood

Morning Star Estate Guest House

Morning Star Estate Guest House.

Address: 1 Sunnyside Road, Mount Eliza

Accommodates: 20 rooms of various sizes and 1 spa suite

Special features: event venue and accommodation

To find out more: visit Morning Star Estate

Norwood House Receptions and Motel Mount Eliza

Norwood House Receptions and Motel Mount Eliza. 

Address: 1198-1200 Nepean Highway, Mount Eliza

Accommodates: 15 motel rooms and spa suites of various sizes

Special features: wedding venue and accommodation

To find out more: visit Norwood House

Peninsula Shepherds Hut Retreat

Peninsula Shepherds' Hut Retreat Mount Eliza. Host: Robert.

Peninsula Shepherds' Hut Retreat Mount Eliza. Host: Robert.

Address: In Mount Eliza with street address available on enquiring about the property

Accommodates: 2 guests

Special features: a hand crafted English Shepherds Hut in a private courtyard garden. Short walk to the beach.

To find out more: visit > Peninsula Shepherds Hut Retreat

Royston Villa

Royston Villa Mount Eliza.

Address: 6 Royston Court, Mount Eliza

Accommodates: a detached villa that sleeps up to 8 guests

Special features: Outdoor swimming pool, views of the sea.

To find out more: visit > hotel > Royston Villa

The Cottage in Mt Eliza

The Cottage in Mount Eliza. Hosts: Julie and Peter.

Address: 286 Canadian Bay Road, Mount Eliza

Accommodates: up to 4 guests

Special features: set on an acre of manicured lawns and gardens, swimming pool and tennis court, luxury bed linen.

To find out more: visit > The Cottage in Mt Eliza

Sea Dreamers

Sea Dreamers in Mount Eliza. Host: Christine.

Address: In Mount Eliza. Address available on enquiry.

Accommodates: up to 3 guests

Special features: 400 metres walk to Mount Eliza village, sunny courtyard.

To find out more: visit > Sea Dreamers

Self contained Cozy Bungalow & Pool

Cozy Bungalow and Pool in Mount Eliza. Hosts: Kate and Hamish.

Address: In Mount Eliza

Accommodates: up to 2 guests

Special features: access to swimming pool, deck and BBQ areas.

To find out more: visit > Self-contained Cozy Bungalow

The Courtyard Mount Eliza

The Courtyard Mount Eliza. Hosts: Patrick and Christine. 

Address: 25 Granya Grove, Mount Eliza

Accommodates: Bed and Breakfast accommodation for up to 2 guests

Special features: private courtyard and access to swimming pool. Peninsula Hot Springs packages.

To find out more: visit The Courtyard

Article funded by Vicki Sayers, Live Love Mount Eliza | Written by Julie Pearce, Content Services Melbourne